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Routing & Switching v5 Rack Rentals

CCIE Routing & Switching v5 rack rentals use the hardware specification publicly stated to be used in the actual CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Lab Exam. The topology can be built in a completely physical manner, a completely virtual manner, and a combination of both. Which option you choose depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, and space A full build of this topology consists of the following:

  • Advanced Technology and Foundation (CCIE Routing & Switching v5 racks):
    • Ten CSR Cloud Services routers running IOS version 15.3S
  • Troubleshooting and Full-Scale Labs (CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Full-Scale & Troubleshooting racks):
  • one  3560-48 Catalyst switch
  • Three 3750-48 Catalyst switches
    • Twenty CSR Cloud Services routers running IOS version 15.3S
  • One Catalyst IOS Switches running version 15.0SE ( physical)
  • Three Catalyst IOS Switches running version 12.4SE(Physical)
  • Virtual Terminal Server (optional)

Routing & Switching CCNA/CCNP Rack Rentals

CCNA/CCNP rack rentals provide all the hardware and software you’ll need to accomplish your CCNA and CCNP lab practice. Whether using  well known workbooks or devising your own labs, these racks have enough redundancy and variation to test virtually any technology you’ll encounter in the CCNA or CCNP exams. The physical topology of the racks is cabled to meet the specifications of all of  self-paced product lines. All of our CCNA/CCNP Routing & Switching racks include the following equipment:

  • Four routers(virtual & Physical) running 15.1 & 15.3 Advanced Enterprise Services IOS
  • One Catalyst 3560 series switch running 15.1 Advanced IP Services
  • Two Catalyst 3750 series switch running 12.2 IP Services


Security CCNA/CCNP Rack Rentals

All of our CCNA/CCNP Security racks include the following equipment:

Three Cisco Routers(Physical) Running IOS 15.1

  • Two Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • One PC
  • One Windows Server 2008(Virtual)
  • Two Cisco ASA Firewalls(ASA 5505 & 5510)